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Precision Sheet Metal Manufacturing
Laser Cutting: Fiber Laser Cutter
Our new, state-of-the-art, Amada LCG 3015 AJ Fiber Laser has been a total success.
With it, our job capacities have grown so much, that our labor force has to hustle to keep up!
Farr Gold Series Dust Collection Link Farr Camfill Air Pollution Control Link Liquid Nitrogen/Oxygen Tanks Mayra and Luis at the Control Board Sheet Metal Change-Out Platform
Turret Punch: Amada EM2510 Turret Punch
The Amada EM2510 Turret Punch was one of our first expansion efforts.
It has become a workhorse at our facilities, working on its own, steadily punching out materials, until it finished with its instructions, or programmed with new ones.
Punches and Shears:
1 Amada M2060 - Power Shear 6 ft. / 1/4" thick
1 Amada Pega 344 - Turret Punch w/ Auto Index 40" x 40" / 30 ton
1 Amada EM2510 - Turret Punch w/ 3 Auto Index 50" x 100" / 20 ton
1 Amada SPH-30 - Prototype Punch Press and Break 28" x 16" / 30 ton"
w/ CNC XY Backgages
1Corner Notcher6" x 6"
Amada Pega 344 Turret Punch Amada EM 2510 Turret Punch
Amada M2560 Precision Shear
Amada SPH-30 Prototype Punch Press and Brake
Press Brakes:
1Amada RGM2 100310 ft. / 110 ton
2Amada RG808 ft. / 80 ton
1Amada RG506 ft. / 50 ton
1Amada RG50206 ft. / 50 ton
1Tennsmith Slip Roller24" (manual roller)
Amada RGM2 1003 10' Press Brake
Amada RG80 8' Press Brake
Amada RG5020 6' Press Brake
Machining Equipment:
1Haas VF3ssMilling Center
1Clausing Lathe36" x 6" swing
1Surface Grinder24" x 6"
1Sharp Mill CNC 2 Axis24" x 12" x 12"
1Jet Horizontal Band Saw18" x 8"
Pablo - Milling Milling Center
Welding Equipment:
1Miller Syncrowave 351TIG
1Miller Syncrowave 250TIG
1Miller CP-300MIG
Gino - Welding
Luis - Welding
Geno - Welding and Assembly
Deburring Equipment:
1Mr. Deburr6 cu. ft.
1Precision Stroke Sander6 ft.
1Cyclone Bead Blaster48" x 24" x 24"
1Nova 10013 cu. ft.
2Donaldson Downdraft BenchFiltration
1Hydrotron DHYD SeriesFiltration
Deburring Deburring
Our deburring room
Inspection Equipment:
1Surface Plate72" x 48" x 6"
1Vernier Caliper60"
1Vernier Caliper40"
1Surface Plate36" x 48" x 6 1/2"
1Mitutoyo CMM32" x 22" x 10"
4Height Gages(1) 18", (3) 24"
 Thread Gages - Standard(0-80) - (1/2 - 13)
 Thread Gages - MetricM20 - M12
 ISS ShopkeeperERP Management
 Solid Works 20133D CAD
 CadKey 3-D Modeler3D CAD
1Amada AP 100 Version 82D CAD/CAM
1Amada AMP 1E w/ Unfold2D CAD/CAM
3Pemserter Hdwr. Inst.6 Ton
2Haeger 618 Hdwr. Inst.6 Ton
ISS Shopkeeper software
Q/A Software Touchscreen Software
We've recently moved to larger facilities in our Santa Clara industrial complex.
We now have larger rooms for milling, deburring, and quality control.
Our new, larger facilities